Charger Girls Will Win Monday Night Football


San Diego is a great place to live — the weather is lovely, the beaches are beautiful, and the football team is decent. In fact, sometimes it’s really good, although even in the good years (2009: 13-3; 2007: 11-5; 2006: 14-2; 2004: 12-4) the Chargers just can’t quite make it to the Super Bowl.

Season in and season out, though, it’s a good bet that the Charger Girls are championship quality pom-pom babes. Perhaps it has to do with all the lovely weather and beautiful beaches — San Diego just attracts the best of the best; the California girls of California girls.

Tonight, the 3-2 Bolts take on the 2-3 Denver Broncos, and while neither team is off to a red-hot start there’s always the Charger Girls to warm things up.

These pictures came from galleries at the UT-San Diego website — fine work by @KCAlfredPhoto. For more, click here and here.