Catrinel Menghia Is Her Own Lingerie Fashion Show

Catrinel Menghia

We watched with great professional interest the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night and were impressed with the crazy supermodel action on the runway — really quite nice looking ladies, we must admit. But Vicky doesn’t have the market cornered on beautiful women, not by a long shot. The array of ladies out there who just as easily could have been up on that stage is vast. Take for instance Romanian dynamo Catrinel Menghia, whom you may remember from certain Fiat advertisements:

Here she is also at a photo shoot for Triumph lingerie.

Here she is in a lingerie brand called Lise Charmel. What the hell is that? Well we will guess that it’s maybe lingerie designed by a lady named Lise Charmel. It’s as sexy as anything Vicky puts out and we’ve never heard of it. Victoria’s Secret is like The Gap of very sexy underwear — in fact, it may be located next to a Gap in your local mall. Just because it’s the easiest to get (you know you always check out the catalog when it comes in the mail) doesn’t mean it’s the only game in town. Triumph and Lise Charmel are also games in town, particularly if your town is located in Britain or France.

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