Catrinel Menghia and Nina Agdal Challenge Kate Upton

Catrinel Menghia

Some people will tell you that Kate Upton’s Mercedes commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl, was not the hottest. Some people will say that the hottest commercial was Nina Agdal’s Carl’s Jr./Hardees spot, which showed her munching on a fish sandwich.

And you know, those people have a point. But we have a counter-point. Maybe the sexiest ad to air duting the Super Bowl was neither Kate Upton’s Mercedes nor Nina Agdal’s Carl’s Jr. sangwich. Maybe it was a spot for the Fiat pop-top car called “Topless” — which has been around for nearly two months, so it’s not a “Super Bowl commercial” strictly speaking. But it’s sexy as hell, like so:

Yeah, that was pretty hot. Here for the record is Nina vs. fish:

And here’s the behind-the-scenes video of Nina:

You can’t go wrong with any of them.

But speaking of going wrong, WTFing F was GoDaddy thinking with it’s nasty supermodel-on-nerd liplock? Why waste the hotness of Bar Refaeli on a very uncomfortable, drawn-out kiss with an ugly dude? This was so not sexy:

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