Attack of the Carrie Keagan!

Carrie KeaganCan we just pause for a moment to celebrate the rise of one of the coolest babes in Teeveeland, Miss Carrie Keagan?

And you’re all, who?

Carrie Keagan first showed up on my radar as the host of “Up Close With Carrie Keagan,” a celebrity-interview show on internet TV station No Good TV that was, at its best, all about actors attempting to deal with her massive cleavage. This is one of my favorite all time clips from the entire internet — and remember, this was back when we didn’t give a fuck who Russell Brand was:

I had the pleasure of interviewing her for Playboy back then, which resulted in this:

Carrie Keagan


And then… what? I must confess, I don’t know. She dropped off my radar. But I read a recent atrocious article about how she was one of the “New Crop of Comediennes Combine Funny Bones With Banging Bodies.” Turns out she was doing some stuff—Red Eye, Attack of the Show—and is currently on VH1 Big Morning Buzz. That’s great! Looks like this:

Carrie Keagan

More importantly, she’s returned to Attack of the Show to play Power Girl opposite Sara Jean Underwood as Bustice. This is wonderful news:

Also, she had her boobs cast to fight breast cancer: