Tits ‘n Laffs: Meet the Rag Mag Rejects

Rag Mag Rejects

It’s the era of DIY. Whether it be a podcast from your garage (hats off to Marc Maron) or a series of videos posted to YouTube (you do know The Gregory Brothers, don’t you), when you know you have something to say but nobody will give you the platform, you say fuck ‘em and build your own.

As it goes with comedy and music, so it goes with pretty faces and shapely bodies. (In fact, the pretty faces and shapely bodies are probably what paved the way for the other stuff; that’s usually the case with new technology.) Today we’re calling your attention to a group of fun girls called the Rag Mag Rejects, who are doing just that.

We wouldn’t normally jump in by spotlighting the fact that they were all, to some extent, rejected by a certain Giant Men’s Magazine to be a certain Something-of-the-Month, but they’ve put it in their name so we’re merely explaining it. They had dreams of being Playmates; those dreams didn’t come true but they’re still completely hot babes who have had fun trying. Here’s their own description of themselves:

“Are you famous for sleeping with celebrities? Have you posed nude on the internet? Would you give a D-grade celebrity a hand job for a chance to get into the Playboy mansion?


Well then you probably are not one of the most amazing women on the web! Introducing the Rag Mag Rejects.”

We’ve certainly liked them enough to feature them on TSJ individually — Carlotta Champagne, Victoria Vertuga and Stephy C have all had chats with Jessica Vaugn — so the fact that they are banding together to chronicle their half-naked adventures and reminisce about past half-nakedness can only be a good thing. The life of a Playmate, we’re told, is one of constant glamour and fabulosity — the life of the girls crisscrossing the country to strip for strangers with cameras can be short on those things, but it is better fodder for comedy. Here’s one of the Rag Mag Rejects’ first videos, “Urban Dictionary Fail”:

Here are Carlotta and Titania in a hot tub discussing blowjobs and the Oscar snubbing of That’s My Boy:

You can’t say that’s not quality entertainment right there. We’ll check back in with Carlotta, Victoria, Stephy, and the other two — Titania and Sara Liz — as they continue to post videos, but for now we suggest paying a visit to their website, theragmagrejects.com, and following them on Twitter and Facebook. Here they are plying their trade:

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