Girl on Girl: Caitlin Hixx and Jessica Vaugn

caitlinn mainThis truly little baby faced blond makes us all say “Aww” but also say “Mmmm!” Caitlin is a 100% all natural native Texan. This girl bleeped on my radar about a year ago on one of the model forums. I’m so glad I kept up with her so I can introduce you all to a very sweet southern doll!



You grew up in dance class. How much is dancing involved in your life now?

I’ve actually been missing it a lot lately, and am looking into taking it up again very soon. Even if it is just classes, I’d really love to dance again. I think ballroom would be an exciting option since I have never tried it.

Have you ever misused being sexy for your own advantage?

Of course! It works in a lot of ways.

I love that you’re an all natural model, like me! What has made you decide to not be modified, other than looking perfect already?

I like the fact that I’m different. So many girls now are artificial in some way, and just by me staying me, makes me stand out.

On a daily basis…panties or no panties?

Panties for sure.

Who is in your celebrity threesome?

I would have to say Demi Moore.

Convenient! All you have to do is get invited to their house and they did the rest of the work meeting up! What is the best thing about being from Texas?

Everything is bigger in Texas! But in all reality, the best thing to me is the southern hospitality. Everyone is just so friendly and kind. It really warms your heart.

Lets say you had to be left on an island for a month and they let you pack 5 things. What are you bringing?

  • My dog, Romeo
  • Lip gloss
  • Booty shorts
  • iPod
  • Journal to document my adventure

What is your ultimate modeling goal?

I would love to become the face of a major company one day.

What single act will make you dump a guy on the spot?

Rudeness. I hate it when anyone is rude to anyone especially if they are trying to impress me by doing so.

I love your little face! Do you ever get tired of being told you’re cute?

I used to, but now I embrace it. It is part of what makes me who I am.

Have you ever thought of moving to a city where you can model full time, like Miami or LA?

Not too much, I am very close with my family and I think I would miss them too much.

Do you like bad guys or sweet guys?

A little bit of both please.

If you could change one personality trait about yourself, what would it be?

I can be really shy sometimes depending on the situation. I wish I could be my normal bubbly self in all situations.

Who is your modeling hero?

I love Twiggy.

What’s your website address?