BUSTED BRA-ckets! Sweet 16 Coverage


THE FIRST WEEK OF THE NCAA TOURNAMENT blew everyone’s brackets. Number 15 — Harvard — took down New Mexico, and Gonzaga’s gazongas couldn’t support them against Wichita State.

While your fantasies of winning the office pool are gone, you can still fantasize about being in a pool with coeds like these who are just doing their part to keep their schools spirits up!



Number 6 — Arizona — cleaned up against No. 11 — Belmont — with a 81-64, but it was there second game that proved dramatic. Number 14 Harvard’s win against Number 3 New Mexico busted brackets and threatened to bust the busty ladies of @ZonaBoobs. But Harvard’s Cinderella story ended with the a win and a broken tooth for Harvard point guard Siyani Chambers.



After losing in the first round of the 2012 tournament, Duke came back with a vengeance, taking out Number 15  Albany and following up with a sixteen point win over Number 7 Creighton. But foul trouble could have cost them against Creighton. Maybe they should take some time before there next game to chill will the ladies of @DukeBoobs1 and get ready to take on Michigan State.



Number 3 Florida came into the tournament against high scoring no. 14 Northwestern. But Florida held them to their lowest scoring games of the season. Florida followed with a strong start against Minnesota that ground to a narrower Florida victory. They’ll need to sustain the support of their fans as they battle Cinderella story Florida Gulf Coast next.



Number 1 seed Indiana won an expected victory over James Madison University 83-62. However, they faced a challenge from Temple, winning 58-52 after being down by four with less than three minutes remaining. However, IUBoobs would do well to rally the spirit, as they are up against CuseBoobs, with the same number of tweets.




Being the originator of the college sports boobment didn’t mean an easy pass for no. 1 Kansas. They battled a scrappy no. 16 Western Kentucky to a  64 -57 win. They got their mojo back (thanks to an influx of support from @KUBoobs) and won 70- 58 against North Carolina



The Ladies of Louisville saw there Number 1 team stomp 16. North Carolina A&T 79-48 and cut through Number 8 Colorado State like it was a 16 seed team, 82- 68. Rick Pitino has told the media he thinks the team can play better. Does that mean the Ladies of @UofLBoobs can top themselves?



Number 3 Marquette won two very close games against Number 14 Davidson and and Number 6 Butler by one and two points, respectively. This close calls are a liability, and the sparse Twitter feed hints that the school spirit that propelled other victories might not be there to get them past the Sweet Sixteen.



The Pacific Ocean doesn’t see many storms, which explains why the Number 2 Miami Hurricanes blew away Number 15 Pacific 78-49. The Hurricanes moved up a category of strength, taking down Illinois 63 – 59 and making the Sweet Sixteen for only the second time. Can the sun soaked energy and bodies of their coeds give them the strength to make the Elite Eight?



Last time Michigan was in the Sweet Sixteen, most of their freshman class wasn’t even born. But that freshman class born has made themselves known, both those on the court and the @UofMBoobs.

Three freshman (Mitch McGary, Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson) started against South Dakota State, winning 71-56, and McGary and Robinson got double digits in there win against Virginia Commonwealth. Given the outstanding performance by the ladies of UofMBoobs, there is something worth watching at Michigan these next four years.

Michigan State


Longtime powerhouse and Number 3 ranked Michigan State University cleaned up no. 14 Valparaiso. Perfectionist Coach Tom Izzo thought it was sloppy and below par for his team and pushed them to a 60- 48 win over Memphis. The same criticism Izzo has for his team cannot be said of MSUBoobs, which is setting a pace that the men’s team should aspire to.

Ohio State



The Buckeyes came in a strong Number 2 seed, easily putting away no. 15 Iona. But the battle with Number 10 Iowa State nearly upended them. But Ohio State’s Aaron Craft’s late 3 pointer saved them, though we also like to credit the women at @TheOSUBoobs, who are far more active and spirited than the sparse @ISUBoobsofFL.




Oregon started round one Number 12 against Number 5 Oklahoma. This under ranked underdog team, with the help of their coed underboob, beat expectations, beating OSU 68-55, only to take on higher ranked Saint Louis and beat them harder 74-57.




Number 4 Syracuse came out playing ball, scoring 81 points against Montana which managed a respectable score (for football) of 34. They had shooting woes, but managed to beat no. 12 California 66 – 60. They would do well with a boost from @CuseBoobs, which currently has a low number of pictures and tweets, as they face Number 1 Indiana next.