Jaime’s Day: Poolside at the Playboy Mansion

As one of the girls living at the Bunny House across the street from the Mansion, Jaime Edmondson’s a true insider into the Playboy life. We know you want the dirt, so check out her weekly updates, pics and videos. —TSJ Staff

I’ve started a new tradition at the Bunny House…Topless Tanning!!! Of course this is a safe for work website so you will have to use your imagination;)

One of the first Playmates I convinced to join me in Topless Tanning was Miss March 2009…Jenn is now a true believer in the power of bronzed boobies!!!

My favorite night of the week at the mansion is game night on Tuesdays…here I am with my big jackpot winnings, it only amounts to about a tank of gas but winning is still fun!

Bike riding at the Santa Monica Pier with Miss Febuary 2010, Heather Rae Young…Hard to say what’s cuter, our beach crusiers or our jean shorts?

Ran into some former Amazing Race contestants at an event in Oklahoma…being on the Amazing Race opened the door to Playboy, I actually thought I was being punked when I got the call!!!

This is my attempt at being a “sexy zombie” for a contest on Playboy.com…the blood is fake but I really do like to bite or be bitten, it hurts but feels good;)

Wearing my not-so-lucky Dolphins shirt (I have burned it since) poolside at the Mansion…I cheered six years and was a pro cheerleader in 2007, win or lose I still support my team!

After seeing my happy smile in my Dolphins tee, can you imagine how painful it was to wear J-E-T-S gear as part of a NFL shoot for Playboy’s playoff picks? But I am a professional…to see if your team made the cut check out http://www.thesmokingjacket.com/girls/hail-mary-jaime-edmondson-models-football-fashions-for-women.

Promoting the newest Playboy slot machine by Bally, Playboy Platinum, in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin…I love wearing my Bunny suit. It allows for great cleavage, yum!

I saved the best for last, a sneak peak into the Grotto…who doesn’t like playing with noodles? They’re not just for kids! Warning: Phones and water don’t mix…my Blackberry died a tragic death shortly after this photo was taken. I was told, however, that there are worse ways to die than in the Grotto.

Jaime Edmondson is January 2010’s Playmate of the Month, as well as a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and reality TV contestant on The Amazing Race.