Remember ‘Gronkowski’s Porn Star’ Bibi Jones? She’s Back

Britney Maclin aka Bibi Jones

Football season has returned, which is good news for Britney Maclin.


Britney Maclin is a sweet young girl from Oklahoma who not too long ago was known as the porn star Bibi Jones. And Bibi Jones was the porn star who was photographed wearing Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s jersey. This created a minor hullabaloo as it was another scene in the film called Rob Gronkowski Can Party. There was no evidence that Gronk and Bibi were doing it, and while Bibi squeezed a little publicity out of the incident it was a blip that faded into the distance.

Then, in July, Bibi Jones posted a video in which she announced her surprise retirement from porn. Fighting back a tear, we wrote “we’re a little sad that we will probably not be able to report on any naughtiness out of her ever again.”

Less than a week later, we were proven totally wrong. Bibi Jones turned out to be alive and well, in the form of Britney Maclin, and while she appears to be keeping her vow to stay out of the porn biz she’s not exactly in the witness protection program. She’s still tweeting naked pictures to her 245,000+ Twitter followers from her @Britney_Maclin account.

With football season here, Britney is once again supporting her squad in pictorial form — and it’s not the New England Patriots. It never was the Patriots. It is… the Oklahoma State Cowboys!

We’d like to extend a hearty Girlwatcher welcome back to Britney/Bibi — and GO POKES! (They need her help after that debacle at Arizona last week. What was that?)