Girl on Girl: Brett Rossi and Jessica Vaugn

tsj_brett_jessicaBrett Rossi is a great girl I finally set up a shoot with this week. I’m so glad I did! I’m anxious to share her with TSJ readers. This bubbly blond watched scary movies with me and then rocked a shoot the next day at a mechanic’s garage. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of this sexy girl to come! Take her to sushi & Starbucks and she’ll love you forever!






Rancho Cucamonga, California

Where do you currently live?

Sunny San Diego !

You’ve done Playboy Radio like a million times! What was your favorite day on air with them?

My favorite was getting to play street hockey against the LA Kings and meeting some of my favorite players on air.

What modeling goals do you have?

I’d love to become an internationally published model for top magazines such as Playboy and Sports Illustrated.

If you could design a celebrity threesome, who’s invited?

Jeremy Piven and Natalie Portman, of course!

If you were in a plane that was crashing, and you had time to write one last note, who would it be to and what would it say?

I’d write down, “Mo Chuisle” to my family, which is Irish Gaelic for “my pulse, my beauty, my darling.”

Tell me about a photo shoot you wish you could undo.

If I could go back in time, I’d undo a photo shoot I did when I first started out modeling and I was trying to test the waters while figuring out my “niche.” During this shoot I was forced to be tickled. That was an awful experience, I had to fake the entire thing and ended up with battle wounds to prove it was NO fun. During the shoot I figured out that the fetish industry was definitely not my “niche.”

I really enjoyed shooting with you! I love you, love you!! We should do it again!

You’ve got my number lover!!

What is the most valuable thing you ever learned?

I’ve learned that you can not get anywhere obsessing on how you can change your past, but that you can go anywhere focusing on how you can change your future.

If you had to recall the worst date you’ve ever been on, what would you share?

All I can say is the best advice I should have given him was, letting your condoms fall out of your pocket on the first date is probably not the best way to score points.

Chicken, beef, pork or other?

Sushi baby!

Where is the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex?

The riskiest place I ever had sex was driving home from the Staples Center on the 10 fwy going 80 mph.

What things most put you in the lovin’ mood?

I’m a lovable individual as it is, however confidence and assertiveness is a major turn on for me. Just remember there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness!

What made you want to model?

Every time I looked at a model in magazines growing up, they had a strong confidence and self awareness of who they were and what they wanted to be. I loved how you could be on top of the world, had the freedom to be who ever you wanted and the strength to not care what anyone else thought. That was sexy and attractive to me which is why I felt like modeling was basically my calling in life.

We share a coffee addiction. What’s your Starbucks drink of choice?

Grande Iced coffee with 4 pumps vanilla and don’t forget the soy milk!!

If you could set up a jam session with a pair of musical heroes, who would you play with?

Angus Young and Jimmy Page…. talk about talent!

What sort of questions irritate you the most from your fans? I know you get some funny mail!

I love all of my fans and fan mail however, I can’t stand questions that are degrading or disrespectful. Just because I’m a model doesn’t mean that I’m not human. Models have feelings too!

Say you had an internet business that was doing great. Where would you pack up and live, just because you can?

I live by the saying, “You Only Live Once” so if I was ever fortunate enough to have that type of flexibility or financial stability I definitely would pack up and move to a villa somewhere in Tuscany, Italy.

What are you profile links?