Girl on Girl: Jessica Vaugn and Brenda Leanne

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This blond bombshell is a model I met through a mutual friend some months ago. I knew I’d be seeing more of this bubbly, yet articulate blond around LA as time went on. We also had some fun times together at the Playboy Mansion this month for Fun in the Sun, a weekly event Hef puts on for his guests. This Arizona State grad tells you about what she digs in a guy, what will make her run the other direction, and her fun times on Playboy Radio! Keep your eyes open for her in Playboy Cyber Club in 2012!



Hometown/Place you live now?

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I now live in Los Angeles, CA.

What did you study at Arizona State? What kind of a college girl were you?

At ASU I studied Communications and Anthropology. I was a bit of a wild child during my college days as anyone I knew then would tell you. I always said I would try everything once and I think I did.

I know you act! What is your most recent role?

My most recent role was playing a kidnapped girl in a horror film. It was a really fun experience playing something other than the sexy bombshell role for once and was my first horror film. We shot in the basement of an old high rise downtown. It was so creepy we actually scared each other on set.

Acting is different than modeling. What do you like about acting you don’t get from shooting stills?

While I love modeling, acting allows me to bring out a part of me that I am not able to when I shoot stills. I grew up very quickly and had a lot of life experiences that most people my age had never imagined going through. Acting was always one of my ways of working through things.

It was fun to see your smiling face at Fun in the Sun at the Playboy Mansion two weeks back! What was the highlight of your day there?

It was so great to see you there too! I always love going up to the mansion for movie nights (especially Fun in the Sun Sundays like) and that day was no exception. We spent the day in the Gamehouse since the weather was cooler and watched Drive after dinner. I think the highlight of my day that time would have had to have been the mini photo shoot us girls did in the Gamehouse that afternoon, but every trip to the mansion always has a favorite moment!

What is a trait that will make you never consider dating a guy?

I can’t stand a guy with a huge ego or someone who thinks he’s so Hollywood so he drops names every two seconds. LAME!!

So you’re a dancer, very cool! When did you start and what kinds of dance?

I have been dancing since the age of 2. Starting with Ballet, then moving to Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Lyrical. I was also a competitive gymnast so dance was a huge part of my life growing up and still is. I can still do the splits and tumble, and I love to dance. There’s nothing like losing yourself in the music and dancing your cares away.

The boys want to know, what do you wear to bed? Or do you sleep naked?!

I’m always cold so I have blankets everywhere but I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes so I typically sleep in just a t-shirt or naked

Who is your favorite Playmate ever?

My favorite Playmate ever would have to be Marilyn Monroe. She epitomizes what Playboy stands for- Beauty, Glamour, Grace, and a Blonde Bombshell, not to mention she went on to have a successful movie career.

What is it you find most attractive in a man?

The most attractive attribute in a man is motivation and confidence. (A nice body doesn’t hurt either!)

Who is your hero in life?

My hero in life was my father. He was an inspiration to so many and such an amazing man. He was always a huge part of my life and my biggest supporter. He passed away last fall after fighting for his life after a double lung transplant.

What is your favorite thing about Playboy?

My favorite thing about Playboy would have to be how much of a family we are. All of the girls (and guys) associated with the Playboy name are fun, sweet, down to earth, and super supportive of one another. It’s such an amazing feeling to be so accepted and to have so many amazing girl friends. Playboy really does empower women on so many different levels.

You’ve done Playboy radio a couple of times! Don’t you just love Andrea and Kevin? When I was on the show last December, I got to sit on Santa’s (Andrea’s) lap and tell her what a naughty girl I was in 2011. What is your favorite Playboy Radio moment?

I adore Andrea and Kevin. Although every time I have been on the show has been another crazy adventure (lap dances and spanking 101 with Dani Mathers, getting Brittany Lauren drunk on her 21st birthday, losing at Fandamonium), I think being named Radiomate and the shoot that followed takes the cake. I was truly honored when they chose me as July 2011 Radiomate and I am crossing my fingers for Radiomate of the Year.

Where can we keep up with you online?


Photos by Dave Keffer