Breann McGregor Graduates

If you were familiar with the larger Playboy universe in, oh, 2005-2007, you knew Breann McGregor well. Breann was not a Playmate, but she was a regular in Special Editions, debuting on the cover of College Girls in 2005 (see above) and was a Cyber Girl on

In fact, she was both the Special Editions Model of the Year 2007 and the Cyber Girl of the Year 2007. Hey, if you’re not going to be a Playmate — and plenty of beautiful women aren’t — you can’t do any better than winning those two titles in the same year.

So what happened to Breann? Something pretty cool, actually. This is Breann now:

Pretty sweet, right? Super-hot Playboy cover girl goes on to realize her dream of a career in music. It’s a heartwarming story, a catchy tune and what can we say — when a girl does Playboy and puts herself out there, au naturel, for the enjoyment of others, we think she deserves more than a fair shake when she goes on to the next phase of her career. So if you have fond memories of Breann, and need some hypnotic dance music for your next house party, consider picking up her single “Free My Soul” at iTunes. (At the very least, you can follow and like her on Twitter and Facebook.)

For your reference and edification, here are Breann’s single cover art and a handful of pictures of her from the Playboy days: