Break Out The Six Pack & S’Mores, It’s Time For CAMP PLAYBOY!

camp playboy [2]Dear Mom & Dad,

I’m having a swell time at Camp Playboy. There are centerfold counselors, skinny dipping lessons, and naked all-girl singalongs of kumbaya.


Thanks for the oatmeal cookies…



How’s that for something to write home about?! Believe it or not, all those shenanigans and then some are going down on Playboy TV this week as they pack up their bunnies and head to Camp Playboy!

Nestled deep in the wilderness, this summer getaway is all about enjoying the “simpler things” in life. Whether it’s a topless canoe ride, hiking au natural, or learning to pitch a tent with gorgeous Playboy models by your side, you’ll leave this experience with a much better appreciation for nature’s beauty.

And if that’s not enough to turn you into a happy camper, wait’ll you hear who your new counselors are. Miss June 2010 Katie Vernola, Miss August 2005 Tamara Witmer, and Miss April 2011 Jaclyn Swedberg are sporting tight shirts and BIG whistles. Hell, they’ve even thrown in Brady Bunch star Barry Williams as the resort’s Camp Director!

So if you really want to enjoy the essence of summer, grab a pack of plump marshmallows, lather yourself up (with sunscreen of course), and gather ‘round the campfire for an uncensored camp experience that’ll put those Meatballs and Friday the 13th movies to shame!

Camp Playboy premieres this Thursday at 9pm E/P on Playboy TV!