Le Boobstagram: Hey Zuckerberg, Buy This!

BoobstagramThe big news in the digital world last week was that Facebook bought the photo sharing app and site Instagram for $1 billion. Crunch the numbers and it turns out Mark Zuckerberg’s ubiquitous social network paid $33 per Instagram user, which seems like a lot.

If you ask us, the money might have been better spent on Boobstagram, a modest little site that has been jugging — sorry, chugging — along for months posting user-submitted Instagram shots of boobs. The site’s motto is “Showing your boobs on the web is good, showing them to your doctor is better,” and its (apparently) French fouders are the latest to join the “I coulda thoughta that” fraternity of internet guys who thought of stuff others didn’t.

The “doctor” reference has to do with the site’s breast-cancer-awareness raison d’etre. That’s right, ladies, send us pictures of your boobs and someday we’ll cure cancer. (Don’t buy the premise that sending pictures of your boobs to two French guys will help cure cancer, ladies? Think of the double negative, then: Sending them pictures of your boobs won’t not help cure cancer. Kinda makes you think you should, doesn’t it?)