Boobs Pop Out in Drift Car; Meet Your New Russian Girlfriend

Masha Russian boobs girlSeen this clip yet? Girl takes ride in drift car; centrifugal force causes her shirt to rip open and her remarkable boobs to burst forth. This is the totally SFW version:

And here’s a less SFW version that might be removed from YouTube by the time you read this:

Gosh, drifting can do that? No, silly. This is the least-plausible boob-poppage since Scott Baio broke up the prom in Zapped!, but more importantly—

Hello! Who is this gorgeous thing, and can we have more?

Yes you can. She is a model doing a scene for, a Russian drifting team, and her name is Манижа Фарадей. I believe she answers to Masha. She is a big fan of the nude modeling, some text on her page (that’s the Russian Facebook) implies she posed or tested for Russian Playboy.

Here she is in a cleavagey clip:

And here she is in tame pictures. Shrewd use of Google will turn up better (nakeder) stuff.