Billie Faiers Delivers a Special Announcement #thursdaytotty

Billie FaiersWait, Billie who?

Billie Faiers is a former model who appears on The Only Way Is Essex (also known as TOWIE), the phenomenally popular British reality TV show. Billie has more of a supporting role on the show, while her sister Samantha Faiers is one of the principals.

We don’t know about this “former model” business — these pictures are very recent and she strikes us as active model material. Although she is pursuing some thing with her sister called Minnie’s Boutique.

It’s a clothing store that sells clothing. The kind you wear on the outside. How can it not sell lingerie? Or bikinis? Someone make that happen. If Billie Faiers is going to sell things for women to wear, it ought to be things like what she’s wearing in these pictures.

Oh… right… announcement we mentioned in the headline. The announcement is that the weekly dose of busty Brit babes will now be moving to Thursday. Farewell #tuesdaytotty — welcome #thursdaytotty!

Sorted. Bang tidy. Bob’s yer uncle.

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