50 Pics of the Porn Star Who Didn’t Cost the Pats the Super Bowl

Bibi Jones

This is Bibi Jones and she did not cost the Patriots the Super Bowl. Don’t think that’s what we’re saying.

See, what happened was, she was photographed with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski earlier in the season, and it wasn’t a big deal. Nah, it was nothing. She was just wearing his jersey and he was shirtless—seriously, the guy is a professional athlete, with a six-pack like that (see the picture below) why would he wear a shirt?

Still, Gronk had to have a sit-down with team owner Robert Kraft. Yes, it was totally innocent—but no doubt he was advised not to pull that shit again.

Meanwhile, Bibi Jones did not have to go to any awkward meetings, and indeed has continued to tweet pictures of herself wearing a Gronkowski jersey. And has gone on record about sleeping with married jocks and helping (in a consensual way) an agent to sign some ballplayers. For her, it’s all been great PR, and played a role in her being the most-searched porn star on the site freeones.com for 2011.

Bibi was in fact tweeting racy shots of herself in a Gronkowski jersey during the game last night. But that did not affect the game in any way. No, what lost it for the Pats was, perhaps, a dropped pass by Wes Welker, and even then they had a chance to win it on a Hail Mary that dropped to the turf just beyond the reach of … Rob Gronkowski.

What was The Gronk thinking in that split-second, as he tried to launch himself at the falling ball on two heavily-taped ankles, was he thinking of his salvation? Was he thinking of the engraved all-is-forgiven letter he’d receive from Kraft if he could just corral this one friggin ball? Or was he feeling unappreciated, wrongly reprimanded, Jesus man, it was only a blonde girl wearing my jersey, nobody on this team works harder than I do and this is the thanks I get? And now it’s “Hop to it, Gronk, catch the Hail Mary, Gronk, win the game for us, Gronk…”

Nah, we’re just kidding around. If he could have caught that ball, he would have. We’re just here to bring you the girls of the day, and today it’s Bibi Jones. Enjoy these few SFW pictures of her; if you want to see the rest you can get there via her Twitter feed.