Which Reindeer Is Bianca Beauchamp? Guess. Just Guess.

Bianca Beauchamp
Why is there a reindeer named Vixen?

“On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer…”

It’s a kids’ story, after all, and this makes sense. You want friendly magical animals dashing and dancing around in a kids’ story. Do you want them prancing? Is there something improper about prancing around kids these days? Well, a little prancing won’t kill them. You don’t want your kids reading Diary of a Prancing Reindeer but out of eight reindeers if one is a Prancer that’s probably ok.

But that brings us to reindeer #4: Vixen. Vixen? Isn’t vixen a little racy for a reindeer? Of course, these reindeer names predate our modern use of the word vixen, which can be traced to Russ Meyer movies about busty, dangerous antiheroines.

For those of us whose brains are crowded by Russ Meyer, comic books, all-girl heavy metal groups and Playboy Special Editions, the true meaning of “vixen” has been a little lost. A vixen is a female fox.

That in itself is a problem — Santa has a reindeer named Female Fox? Isn’t that like having a pet guinea pig and naming it Girl Gerbil?

Either way, whether you’re thinking busty babe or female fox, Vixen is not a good name for a reindeer. It is at best misleading.

Vixen is only a good name for a reindeer if that reindeer is a busty fox. Which is what we have for you today. It is busty fox Bianca Beauchamp wearing latex candy cane sleeves, a latex one-piece that looks like a wrapped present, and reindeer ears.

Enjoy busty fox Bianca Beauchamp, a reindeer who could only be named Vixen:

These photos come from BiancaBeauchamp.com; you might also want to join Bianca’s Facebook Fan Club. Look, video!:

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