Bianca Beauchamp, Mina Stefan, and Other Christmas Consumables

Mina Stefan and Bianca BeauchampIt is cruel how often life utterly fails to imitate art. Or perhaps it is hopeful how art can resist the banal failures of life.

It is Christmas, and in life — in the real world — we are totaly effed. Yet another year our gift-giving will be subpar. Maybe we ran out of time, maybe we ran out of money, maybe we are simply lame… we’re not giving out awesome stuff, and some people aren’t getting anything at all.

That’s life. And yet in art, in the fabricated, ideal world, we are brimming with gifts. We’re a veritable Kris Kringle cruising around with a sack full of more goodies than you could ever want! See we’ve been stockpiling hot Christmas babes for weeks now and — what the hell, what do you mean Christmas is here? We’ve still got a week’s worth of Christmas-themed cleavage we haven’t given out!

Oh, you. Lucky, lucky you. You were probably not even nice this year but you’re about to be rewarded as if you were Mother Theresa. Here we have basically four Christmassy galleries smashed together into one giant 50-picture Yuletide Babefest-ivus.

We got Bianca Beauchamp. She was seen just a week ago on this site as a latex reindeer and now she’s wearing a giant bra and blocking the view of your Christmas tree. This is as good a time as any to point out that Bianca isn’t just about the latex; these pictures come from the glammier side of

We got Courtney Stodden. Maybe you like Courtney Stodden, maybe you don’t. Her path to fame has been a bit iffy, but hell she just turned 18. Eighteen-year-olds are idiots! Perhaps Courtney may yet charm us all.

We got Mina Stefan. Mina — how the hell have you been? It’s been too long since we saw Mina around here, especially considering the stellar job she did in her Smoking Jacket shoot long ago. You’ll get all you need to know about Mina at

We got Sylvie van der Vaart. Pretty standard holiday lingerie collection from one of Europe’s sexiest WAGs.

Here you go — 50 in all. Posted in bulk, otherwise headed for the clearance bin. Because after today there will be no more Christmas posts for another 11 months. We’re not even sure we’re supposed to post today. It is the baby Jesus’ birthday after all. Is the internet even on today? We don’t know.

Oh well, ho ho ho anyway — Meeeeeery Christmas:

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