Beyonce Getting her Jelly Ready for Super Bowl Sunday

BeyonceWho you got this Sunday?

You mean in Puppy Bowl IX? The smart money’s on Gunther, a pit bull/hound mix. He just looks like he wants it more than the other pups.

Oh, you mean in Bud Bowl? Well, it hasn’t been played in 15 years, apparently, so we’re not making a pick.

Oh, you mean in the commercial derby? It’s a shootout between Kate Upton/Mercedes Benz and Nina Agdal/Carl’s Jr., but we gibe the edge to Kate.

Oh, you mean the halftime show? Well, that’s not really a contest — Beyonce is headlining, that’s all we know. But we can say with certainty that it will be epic, if not the highlight of the game. Beyonce! She posted some cool rehearsal pictures and a fairly crappy video to her Tumblr and the Internet is currently in the process of losing its shit over them. The pictures:

The video:

Without a doubt, the winning team if the game were played today would be the Brooklyn Nets. Look how cute Beyonce is in the tee from the team her husband part-owns!

Oh, you mean who’ll win the game, 49ers or Ravens? You sir are on the wrong webpage for that sort of information.

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