Brace Yourself For Awesome Aussie Berenger Rose

Berenger Rose is a cover girl from Down Under — Australia, that is. Her smoldering gaze and (let’s be honest) awesome boobs have tempted men from the newsstands of her home country, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK. She’s done a bunch of TV work, including the top series in Australia, Underbelly 2. Well, she tells us it’s the top series, but really — we have no proof. We don’t want proof. Berenger could tell us it’s raining Cheerios and we’d run outside holding an empty bowl. Her honors include the title of “Australia’s Best New Boobs,” numerous appearances in “100 Hottest”-type lists, and her recent inclusion in the “Top Bums of 2011″ right there next to Kim Kardashian. If you can make the best new boobs list AND the top bums list, it’s safe to say you’re pretty damn sexy. As you will see momentarily. After enjoying Berenger here, you will be inescapably compelled to become fan her on Facebook if not pick up and move to Australia.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia.

Current location: Sydney, Australia.

Measurements: 39F-28-36

I think my best physical feature is: My eyes.

Men say my best physical feature is: My boobs and my lips.

Tattoos?: I have no tattoos.

Sexiest woman ever: Most definately Isabel Lucas. She’s just so naturally beautiful and has the sexiest aura about her.

Sexiest man ever: There is something very dark & sexy about Johnny Depp, and whatever it is has gotten better with age!

My best trait is: I am fiercely loyal.

My worst habit is: I tend to lose things very easily.

I wish more men would: Look at my eyes when I talk to them, not my chest!

Compliment me on: My eyes or smile, it’ll win you more brownie points.

How much should a man groom his private parts?: Let’s just say they should be well kept. A trim every now and then does the job.

My grooming down there: Wax, I like it nice & smooth.

Favorite style of panties: I love French cut panties, I like to show a little booty when my clothes are off!

What I like in a bra: You can’t go wrong with a sexy black push up bra.

What I love about my boobs: That they are natural, big and round.

When it comes to my body, please do: Be gentle and attentive to what I like.

When it comes to my body, please do not: Be rough and pushy, I like a man who can take control and learn how to please me the way I like it.

Most important rule or rules of bedroom etiquette: Always make sure that all parties are satisfied.

Physical feature I like to show off: My ample cleavage!

The sexiest outfit I will wear in public: Nothing beats tiny shorts and a singlet. [Yanks -- that means tank top. --Ed] Keeping it simple is paramount to being sexy.

Something I will wear the bedroom if you are deserving: My birthday suit, of course.

A superficial thing I am attracted to: There’s nothing superficial about me, but I can never seem to go past a guitar being played on stage by a sexy band boy.

My favorite physical feature on a man: His smile.

My favorite trait in a man: The ability to make me laugh.

A man will impress me if: He isn’t a sleaze and can just be himself.

A man will turn me on if: He smells amazing, kisses me softly and touches me the right way.

A man will disappoint me if: He’s selfish in the bedroom.

The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is: Make me laugh!

I will not even give you a second look if: You are sleazy or cocky.

Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: “Are your boobs real?”

I will sleep with you when: I love you.

I will never sleep with you if: You are a jerk!

Don’t you dare: Tell me my bum looks big in that dress, even if it does.

The best date I ever had was: A picnic on the beach, and sex on the beach for dessert.

I am the ideal woman because: I am honest, and as real as you can get!

I am not the ideal woman because: I am not perfect, but then again, no one is.

I need a man who can: Take care of my needs. And I’ll take care of his.

In my opinion, astrology is: Interesting.

If you come to my house, don’t criticize: How girly it is, I can’t help it.

The last movie that made me laugh: Superbad

The last movie that made me cry: The Notebook

My philosophy of love: It doesn’t come around often, but when it does, cherish it like nothing else.

My philosophy of sex: You get what you give.

My philosophy of life: Life’s short, laugh hard.

I should be on the cover of Playboy because: I think Playboy is well overdue to feature an Aussie on the cover, and who better than an all-natural busty tanned blonde such as myself!