Behind the Scenes of Pornstar Dater

If you’ve read any of my work then you know just how much the adult industry is dear to my heart. And I know a lot of you feel the same way. Question: How many of you have fantasized about meeting that sultry hot adult star you’ve just finished beating off to for the fifth time?

Now is your chance. Pornstar Dater is a website that holds contests that allows you to submit a video and the winner gets to go on a date with one of their famous pornstars. What they’re aiming to do is get you on a date with the pornstar, film it and whatever happens… happens. It’s like the TV show “Blind Date” yet with super hot famous G-damn pornstars.

Piqued this creep’s interest.

We sat down with one of the founders, Nima Tabrizi, to get the juicy scoop on this sexy new company. We also asked some dating questions with the first two pornstars in the contest: Sophie Dee and Puma Swede.

The Smoking Jacket: Why did you guys come up with Pornstar Dater? What purpose do you see your company serving?

Nima Tabrizi: Most guys like porn. It’s our escape from the real world where we can actually visual our fantasies being lived out on TV screens or computer monitors. We connect fans with porn stars — we’re just evolving the porn industry to become more social, more interactive, just as Facebook has done with connecting friends. We wanted to give people an opportunity to actually be able to hang out with their favorite stars one-on-one.

Haven’t you ever watched a movie or TV show and exclaimed “If I ever met that person, I’d…”  I catch myself thinking that quite often. People surely have the same thoughts about people they see in porn. What if they could meet them? What they say? What would they do? We want to create an experience out of meeting your favorite star.

Our goal for the company is to take it mainstream. We want to bring in mainstream media with this site and help our girls expand their empire within it. Think “Millionaire Matchmaker,” but for porn stars. These dates don’t have to be serious, they can be fun and friendly. That’s the beauty of it — it’s your choice to mingle or to fall in love.

TSJ: What service does the company offer and how does the process work?

NT: Anyone can enter the pornstar dating contest for free. All you have to do is go to the website and upload your video. We also will offer a small membership fee that allows you to see all exclusive filmed content on the dates and anything else the pornstars want to put up on the site.

We want to actually bring the reality to the reality-porn genre. Nothing scripted. Real people. Real pornstars.

TSJ: Where, when and what is all going down at Adult Expo this year?

NT: After a year in the making, it’s all going down at the Adult Entertainment Expo, January 16 – 19, 2013, at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. If you want to make an impact in this industry, that’s where you make it happen, and we’re planning on doing just that.


Our first four girls (Sophie Dee, Puma Swede, Gianna Michaels and Kiara Mia) will be present at the Pornstar Dater booth and the contest, and the website will launch during the Expo.

TSJ: What can the winner expect on their date? 

NT: They can expect a great time. We want the date to feel real and for both the porn star and winner to enjoy. We will work with both of them to ensure the date will be memorable, safe, and fun.

TSJ: Do you think there’s a market for going on a date with a pornstar but not being able to do anything sexual?

NT: There definitely is a market! You can just go on Twitter and look at the tweets guys send out to the porn stars. The tweets are not always about sex. These guys care more about the companionship of being around them and making sure they are happy.

TSJ: What pornstars can a lucky schlub win? 

NT: The first four girls are: Sophie Dee, Puma Swede, Gianna Michaels and Kiara Mia. We have over 20 girls signed to the company, but we’ll make sure you keep checking out the website to see who keeps popping up for contests. There’s a lot of interest brewing, and I’ve been getting calls from different agencies and stars that want to work with us.

TSJ: How do you see the company growing? Any big ideas down the line?

NT: We see it growing very fast. We see this as a mix of “Girls Gone Wild” and “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Eventually, we want to evolve this into a TV show, and that’s why we will film majority of the dates. Also we want to help our girls in the mainstream market. Think of all the crazy things that can happen on dates!  Reality TV meets porn!

Sophie Dee

TSJ: Describe your best physical attributes.

Sophie Dee: I have great big boobs, sexy curves and eyes that will drive a guy crazy!

TSJ: Describe your personality.

SD: I’m very fun and easy-going. I usually go with the flow of things. I tend to laugh a lot and am always smiling.

TSJ: What can the winner expect on their date with you? 

SD: A great time! I hope. LOL. We will make it a great day/night together. I’m never one to be a party pooper.

TSJ: Your ideal first date would be? 

SD: I love going to Dave and Busters! Video games. Maybe a cooking lesson. Something fun. Then maybe spa date and dinner.

Puma Swede

TSJ: Describe your best physical attributes.

Puma Swede: Tall slender blond Swedish chick on long legs with a big pair of boobs.

TSJ: Describe your personality.

PM: Crazy, fun, spontaneous, easy going, prankster… And feel free to add any other positive things you might think of cause I most likely posses them too.

TSJ: What can the winner expect on their date with you? 

PM: If they can keep up with me they’ll have the time of their life and wish the night never would end!

TSJ: Your ideal first date would be? 

PM: Start with something physical — skydiving, go carting, horseback riding etc to build up an appetite. Then food & drinks after and maybe a visit at a co-ed spa for saunas and massages. Then PARTY, Puma-style!

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