Butt-Head Gets into Ashley Salazar’s Pants; Beavis Whereabouts Unknown

Ashley SalazarHow did this happen?

Ok, in October, Beavis and Butt-head returned to TV, no more older or wiser than they were when they went off the air 14 years ago. They started a Twitter account, @BEAVlSNBUTTHEAD because Twitter is uniquely suited to their interests — i.e., keeping tabs on hot girls. (This is not a dig; we’re on Twitter @grlwtchr for the exact same reason.) They gathered followers in bunches — 193,000 and counting — and started a list called “babesrus” and added Ashley Salazar (@ashleycmsalazar) who is a fan of theirs in addition to being a smoking hot and frequently-naked model.

To show her appreciation, Ashley has taken a bunch of pictures with Butt-Head wedged into her thong hot pants, between her breasts, in her mouth — as far as we know this is the best action Butt-Head has ever gotten: