Bar Refaeli, We Can’t Quit You

Bar Refaeli
We’re not going to embed the video here — it was covered in yesterday’s post about good Super Bowl adsbut Bar Refaeli‘s GoDaddy commercial has to be the least gratifying use of a supermodel in a commercial ever.

It was just kind of gross.

But you can’t keep a lingerie superstar down. While we can’t un-see that travesty, we can at least try to chase the vision away with images of Bar as we came to know and love her: Wearing underwear. Smiling. Being completely out of geeks’ league.

We’re not saying you’re a geek — no, not you — but there is that Groucho Marx thing at work here: If Bar Refaeli is going to noisily smooch a geek from the IT department, do you really want her all that much? Do you want to be a member of that club if this guy can get in?

Eh, who are we kidding — even as that geek’s sloppy seconds, Bar Refaeli is so undisputably scorching hot you really can’t cross her off the list. Ever. Not when pictures like these Valentine’s-themed shots for Passionata lingerie are likely to pop up at any time:

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