Ballbreaker: Nadia Dawn

Nadia DawnWe ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Nadia Dawn


It’s really not cool if you’re over 30 and still living at home with your mom. You have to say, “Umm, I have a separate entrance in the basement, or… we can rent a hotel room.” And you and I both know you don’t want to pay for a hotel room. I’m from Canada, and we have a saying about kids who won’t leave home: “Mom, please stop cooking with cheese!”

Ab Sickos

Please do not talk about protein shakes, chicken breasts and a low carb diet more than I do. I don’t want to hear it. “My abs are sick!” Good for you. “It’s all about being lean.” Thanks for the tip. “I can’t believe you’re eating that, do you know how bad that is for you?” Yes I do! And just watch me eat it — yummy!

Text Addicts

Don’t send me a million texts — call! If you have to send 10 texts to say something, maybe it’s not the kind of thing you should be texting. Call! What if I was broke and I didn’t have unlimited texts? Also, I work, so I don’t have time to answer a million texts. Call! And if you don’t have unlimited local calling — get it!

Search Engineers

Please don’t Google me before we go out on our first date. I can tell when you pick me up — you have this weird look in your eyes. Your head is full of pictures of me in a bikini and you want to jump me in the first three seconds. (The good thing about guys who Google first is they get obsessed — and I do kind of like that.) And while we’re on the subject of Google, don’t stand next to me and tell people I’m a model-actress and I’m all over the internet. People will pull it up on their iPhones instantly. And then I have to deal with not just you but your friends too, all of you with that same weird look in your eyes…

Fish Lips

Wanna kiss me? Don’t just push your face close to mine, stick those lips out, close your eyes and hope for the best. You look like a fish, just waiting, with your lips out — a sad little fish. If you want to kiss me, go for it. Go strong. Be a man, not a fish.

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