Back and Forth from Moscow to Denver: Meet Dasha


The Smoking Jacket: So you’re a Russian lady. Where in Russia are you from, Dasha?

Dasha M: I was born in Moscow, so I’m a city girl. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 15 to go to school. While attending college modeling became my job. It was fun.

TSJ: How long have you been in Denver?

DM: Denver is a new city to me. It’s my first season with High Mile city! I guess I can’t stay away from snow and winter!

TSJ: Which “winter country” do you like better? Colorado or Russia?

DM: People travel from around the world to snowboard and ski in the amazing mountains of Colorado. I’d prefer to have a snow shoot in Colorado than Russia.

TSJ: How did you start modeling?

DM: I used to have a very long hair, so my first modeling job was in Russia for a hair care line. Then I was featured in a magazine at the age of 12. I used to be a competitive Ballroom Dancer, so I moved well in front of the camera and it was easy to transform into a modeling world. It’s in my blood :-)

TSJ: What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

DM: I loved a photo shoot at Josephine’s Lounge in Washington, D.C., with Cameron.

Also, it might sound weird, but since I’m very active I enjoyed having on-screen fight with “my lover” in a TV show. We practiced a lot how we would hit each other without actually hitting each other, so it would look real. I like action. I also enjoyed working on a set of film “Safe” and writing Jason Stantham’s lines in Russian.

TSJ: What else do you get up to, apart from the hamming it up for the cameras (and you do that very well)?

DM: I’m hyper-energetic and creative person and always on the go. If I’m not modeling, I’m either on some TV/movie set WORKING or at a sport event. This year I was lucky enough to host a UFC pre-party in Denver. I love UFC. Last year I also participated in Playboy Golf Tour and won something… Haha! Well, I became a winner of the modeling contest and won a trip to the Playboy Mansion.

TSJ: What kind of modeling would you like to do in the future?

DM: I’m focusing on TV work right now.

TSJ: How do you like to flirt?

DM: I have a very bubbly personality. Guilty as charged! So people think I flirt all the time!

TSJ: What’s your favorite night out?

DM: Well, you probably heard of models being paid to go clubbing… So my favorite night out would be with my friends doing anything from watching UFC to street car racing!

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