Attack of the 5′ 8″ Jena Sims

Jena Sims

Meet Jena Sims. She’s, like, a real actress. Sure, she’s model-flawless in appearance and maybe you haven’t seen her movie(s) but she is an actress who’s been on a movie poster and everything. The movie? Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader, or perhaps more formally known as Roger Corman’s Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader in 3-D.

Yes, she did a Roger Corman movie. Lots of famous people did Roger Corman movies early in their careers. Jack Nicholson did. Is Jena Sims the next Jack Nicholson? That is a bizarre comparison and we do not wish to go any further with it.

Jena Sims

If you happened to miss 50-Foot Cheerleader, you will have a chance to see Jena on the big screen in 2013. She’ll be in a little movie called Last Vegas, starring some dudes named Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Kline.

Like we said, real actress. Who just happens to look like a swimsuit or lingerie model. If you like that kind of thing. Follow her on Twitter @jenamsims to track her every sexy thought. Photos in the gallery are by the great Kaloopy.

A nickname I have had: Jena Bean, J Siz, Sims, and Stretch. They were all given to me organically- either on a set, or by people who just couldn’t remember my name! I like “Sims” the best because my friends in college called me out by saying I was pulling a Sims, that’s such a Sims move, or straight Sims!

Jena Sims

The worst movie I have ever seen: Completely a secret. I would never sh*t on someone else’s work!

I’m a nerd about: I’m a nerd through and through! I have recently started collecting graphic novels, attending comic conventions, and really embracing my inner-nerd. My boyfriend and I call it “flying our geek flag high.”

Please worship my: Southern values. I am a GRITS girl (Girl Raised In The South) and proud of it!

I would rather have a root canal than: Loose an appendage.

My greatest weakness: A man with an amazing sense of humor

If I went into porn, my name would be: Rainbow Savage

Something cool about having boobs: V-neck shirts are taken to a whole new level

I cried unnecessarily the day: I cried buckets when I wrapped Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader. It was such a pleasant experience, and was my first leading role in a film so it had a high sentimental value. I cried on the way to my car and the whole way home because I didn’t want it to be over!

The funniest comedian is: Aziz Ansari for his stand-up and Rob Delaney for his tweets.

I’m too sexy for my: Love (I’m a sucker for 90s tunes)

When I was 8 years old I thought I would be: An opera singer- good thing that was just a phase because I certainly can’t sing!

Jena Sims

Stay out of my way when: I’ve misplaced something in my house.

I am completely freaked out by: Sea Turtles which is totally an irrational fear. Can’t explain it!

The most unpleasant word or phrase in the English language is: You didn’t book the job.

I will never understand why men: Aren’t as good listeners as girls.

My relationship with spectator sports is: Obsessive over my Georgia teams, especially the Dawgs and my Falcons! I bleed red and black!

The most interesting compliment I ever got from a stranger is: I’m on a foot blog that someone made, and this person told me I should shave my toes because he was sick of photo shopping my toe hair out before he posts the photos.

The most exciting thing I did today was: Today is a very exciting day because I am on set right now with Morgan Freeman and Jerry Ferrara shooting Last Vegas.

My secret weapon: My eyes

Song I am most likely to play turned up to 11: Right now it’s Taylor Swift, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” I have dated a few of those.

My backup career if this whole “being pretty” thing doesn’t work out: I actually run a successful 501©3 non-profit organization as CEO/President called the HBBQs (Has Been Beauty Queens). It is a pageant for children and teens with challenges where we showcase their beauty from within and they each leave as a winner. I would pursue this full time.

Last time I ate way too much was: Thanksgiving! I went to the Waffle House after doing two Thanksgiving dinners with a group of friends! I ordered the All Star Special, which is just about one of everything on the menu!

The best thing I learned from an ex-boyfriend was: Give and take. You have to pick and choose your battles!

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