Playboy Miss Social Ashley Salazar Keeps On Winning

Ashley Salazar

A belated congratulations to Ashley Salazar, who won Playboy’s Miss Social June. So go ahead and socialize with her, you know you want to: at and at She recently joined Miss Social July Melissa Anne “HemiGirl” Teixeira and Miss Social May Tehmeena Afzal in L.A. for some photoshoot phun. Here’s a video Ashley made — we’ve also got questions and pictures!

PBMS May (Tehmeena Afzal ) June (Ashley Salazar) & July (Melissa Anne Teixeira) visits LA/Playboy Mansion/Playboy Enterprises from Ashley Salazar on Vimeo.

GIRLWATCHER: You’ve entered Miss Social before, what did you do differently this time around that helped you win?

ASHLEY: Everything I could think of and I didn’t sleep much.

GIRLWATCHER: What would you like to say to your fans who helped you win?

ASHLEY: They are the best in the world, a girl couldn’t ask for a more amazing team behind her.

GIRLWATCHER: You seem to be hustling on multiple fronts at all times — what keeps you going?

ASHLEY: Trying to break a stigma of being a mother who models and the industry’s ideal of beauty.

GIRLWATCHER: Did your military career help you at all in your pursuit of modeling success?

ASHLEY: I have the money for school so it gave me a backbone to pursue my entertainment career as a entrepreneur.

GIRLWATCHER: As a follow-up to the above… would you encourage young, attractive girls to go into the military?

ASHLEY: Yes — but only the Air Force!

GIRLWATCHER: Would you endorse any other models for future Miss Social consideration?

ASHLEY: Kristen Annalea, Kali Lombardo, Emmie Rose, Cheryl Crist, Lexi Gary are all sweet women whom I think would make great Miss Socials.

GIRLWATCHER: Miss Social gets to do a Playboy photo shoot, nude if she wants — the million-dollar question would be, did you get naked for yours?

ASHLEY: Yes, I did shoot nude and I also shot a nude set with Melissa.

GIRLWATCHER: What else have you got going on, in terms of MMA, international publishing, other ventures…?

My life is a little hectic for consistent MMA training right now but I will be making my way back into the cage soon enough. I miss it.

I have gone international with Maxim since we last talked both as a model and a photographer. As a model I am in the September issue of Maxim Argentina, the October issue of Maxim Russia, Maxim magazine August 2012, and I’m a Maxim Hometown Hotties 2012 semi-finalist. I’m awaiting the finals results. And I have upcoming photography publications with Maxim Argentina.

I was also published in Maxim En Espanol in April and May this past spring, I’m the current September/October cover model for Bizsu Magazine, I have a upcoming bikini competition on Sept 15 to compete for the title of Miss Big Saint Charles Motor Sports as I am Miss June 2013 in that calendar. I also shot for Paul Brown & The Killing Devils’ 24-month calendar that will drop soon; I am Miss June 2014 in that and the 2014 centerfold.

Chulo Magazine is publishing a special edition on me which is just myself in honor of me winning Miss Social. I just got done directing two music videos in NYC and Boston, and lastly I’m still trying to finish up my summer/fall issue for my digital magazine which I have a new name for: MOLL MAG.

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