Get Your Fresh Peaches Here: Ashley Peaches by GEA Images

Ashley Peaches

Our photographer friend Eric Gea shoots some of the very best ladies you will ever encounter, and he does it exceptionally well. It’s almost not fair — he works with familiar Smoking Jacket faces like Jessica Vaugn and Sydney Barlette, already perfect 10s by any objective standard, and turns them up to 12. (You expected us to say 11?) The master’s online home is

Here is the first of what we hope will be several posts featuring Eric’s work — the subject is Ashley Peaches, also known simply as Peaches. You may remember her from this site (“How Do You Like Them Peaches?”) and she’s only gotten better. Visit her at Here’s a little viddy from the shoot:

Peaches on the beach from GEA Images on Vimeo.

And now the pictures. (Memo to Harley-Davidson: You dudes should make a calendar out of these pictures, if you did we would buy it and perhaps a motorcycle or two while we’re at it.)

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