Ashley Peaches Has Her Hearts in the Right Place

Ashley Peaches

One of our favorite sites,, is all about the girls and guns. And maybe you knew that. But it is also just about girls in states of nudity or almost-nudity. You don’t have to be a gun nut to find a whole lot of good stuff there.

We enjoy perusing the “Recruits” section, where mad genius Scotty JX posts pictures of girls who haven’t gone full-bore Actiongirl but who might someday. Here’s a recruit named Peaches who has a wicked way with a set of heart-shaped pasties, don’t you think?

Faithful Girlwatchers will recognize her as Ashley Peaches, a crazyhot model we’ve had on the site a few times. And this might be the sexiest we’ve ever seen her. It is certainly the most almost-ok-basically nude we’ve seen her.

Should Ashley Peaches suit up with some bandoliers and bazookas for Actiongirls? Sure, why not. Ashley Peaches should just keep taking pictures, that’s the bottom line here. But if we’re being honest — it’s hard to beat the heart-shaped sequin pasties. Bandoliers and bazookas, or more of the heart-shaped sequin pasties? Are you a lover or a fighter?