Girl on Girl: Ashley Graham and Jessica Vaugn

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Ashley is a model buddy of mine I met when I stayed at her place visiting NYC last year. We ran around New York in our hoodies and shared a spa massage. I love Ashley because she is real! You won’t get any masks, pretenses, or airs from this fiery red head!

Follow Ashley on Twitter to read her truly hilarious “Ask Me Anything” blog inquiries & replies from her Tumblr Followers. I’ve even included a pic of Ashley and I together!

What are you measurements?

34DD, 28, 32


Vista, CA; currently residing in Georgia.

Georgia is way different from the East Coast big cities you’ve lived in the past. How are you adjusting?

I’ve adjusted really well. I hated the big cities because I grew up in a beach town. I’m used to a slower, more laid back pace and having nice polite people around. Georgia has that feel while the east coast cities don’t.

I’m a big fan of your “Ask Me Anything”… I really enjoy reading the things people ask you! Sometimes people are so off the wall, do you ever think they’re making things up just to make you laugh?

I swear they have to. A lot of the time I’ll yell the questions at my roommate to see his reactions. I like that I can communicate with fans that way and its still fun even if they are making up random questions for the hell of it.

Who inspires you as a model?

It changes frequently. Definitely you, Emily Addison and probably Danielle Trixie.

How long have you been modeling?

Three years now, two full time.

You’ve been everywhere in the US by now. True story?

Almost everywhere. There are places in the Midwest I haven’t gone, along with Hawaii and Alaska.

Well you’re in luck because if they’re not connected by land, they don’t count! Are you sick of airports yet?

Sometimes. It depends on the day. Since I got my car I’ve been driving a lot more. It seems more relaxed and I don’t have to deal with airport hassles.

Do you have any idea how hard it was to find clothed pics of you!? Should I send you some swim suits? Skirts? Pasties?

Someone should! I have this huge lingerie collection and yet I’m usually naked or in jeans. It baffles me!

If you could pick one day in history to undo for the sake of mankind, what day would it have been?

One day, hmmm, odd question. Probably 9/11 because it was the only significant day I can remember in my lifetime and were still affected by it. It seems like things would change but security keeps getting tighter and people are still struggling to pull out of the economic downturn.

If I didn’t ask you odd questions how can I compete with your “Ask Me Anything” crowd? On that note, if you had to lose a body part, what are you volunteering to lose?

A finger or a toe. They don’t seem too important. I’m definitely too attached to my nose, boobs, and hair to give them up.

I’ll let you off the hook saying your fingers and toes aren’t important! I wonder if your manicurist will give you a discount with less nails to paint? Moving on… Coke or Pepsi?

Coke. I live in Atlanta, of course I’d pick Coke.

Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson?

Carmen Electra.

What are some of your modeling goals?

I’d like to be in regular Playboy or Playboy TV, Penthouse…Other than that I don’t know. I just want to have fun and enjoy it while I can!

What is your stance on piercings?

I have no problem with them. I’ve had many. As of now I have just have ears and tongue, but I think body modification are awesome!

You have the power to reunite all the members of one band to play for you for 12 hours at your house party… Who are you having play to entertain you and your friends?

The Beatles

Your fave musician we can impress you with by sending you love notes with song lyrics on Twitter?

It changes a lot. Right now I’ve been listening to Adele, Sara Bareilles and Christina Perri on repeat.

What made you want to major in English? What are you hoping to do with the degree when you’re all finished?

I love to read and write. I always have, it was just my outlet for creativity and all that. I’d like to write a book about my life one day. Maybe work for a magazine writing columns or editing books. I’m not totally sure yet.

What is the most important thing modeling has taught you?

Confidence. When I started this I lacked confidence in myself. Now I have tons of it, which I think is great.

If you were to give up sex for anything (Other than money) what would you give it up for?

Ahhh hard question. Probably getting to spend one last day with my mom. She died when I was 18 and I didn’t get to see her before she died.

What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

You don’t want to know this story. Basically I met a guy at Best Buy and gave him my number. He called and we went out to dinner. He took me to Johnny Rockets. Fail. Some woman tried to start a fight with me for referring to children as “its” and he just rushed me to the car. I invited him up to have a drink and hang out with my roommates because there were a bunch of people over. He had a beer, took a few hits of weed from my roommate and claimed he was too fucked up to drive. I had to sleep so I told him to sleep it off. He kept trying to get in my pants after I said no. Finally my roommates had to tell him he had to go because he wouldn’t listen. He texted me two days later apologizing and I said it was fine. However I hope I never run into him again, it was awful and painful!

What makes you feel powerful?

Control. I like to have control over situations and know what’s going on at all times

What makes you feel vulnerable?

Loss of control and meeting new people in large crowds. Large crowds kind of overwhelm me in general.

Do you have a favorite Playmate?

Kendra Wilkinson. We have the same favorite football team. Chargers!

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @Ashley__graham
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