Ashley Alexiss Offers ‘Cleavage for the Cure’

Ashley AlexissHow do you get our attention? Here’s a good way. Send us an e-mail with the subject line:


So we opened that e-mail, which happened to come from Ashley Alexiss (you saw here here on Friday), and found this very important announcement:


Approximately 4 months ago, I had a Breast Enlargement to DDs. As a result, none of my old bras fit. Fairly new, each of these bras cost between $80 and $120, so throwing them away doesn’t seem feasible. Instead I am matching up each bra with a photo from one of my many shoots in that very bra, signing both the picture and bra and auctioning them off on Ebay. There will also be a “buy it now” price, but I really want to focus on making this an auction.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the majority of every dollar raised by this auction will go to Susan G Komen for the Cure. I’m naming this “Cleavage for the Cure.” I feel we will easily hit our goal of $1000.00 — when we do, I’ll be posting all over my social media the screen shot of the great donation to the foundation.

I am also hosting a night at a club in Boston where music artists come and perform and the entire night is dedicated and donated to Susan G Komen.

I have personal experience losing family members and friends due to cancer and want to do my part to help find a cure, and have fun at the same time.
Susan G Komen for the Cure

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