Ashley Alexiss and the Case of the Bubbly Jubblies

Ashley Alexiss

Last time we saw Ashley Alexiss, she was auctioning off bras for a cause — see, she had upgraded to 32DD and had to get a new drawerful of boulder holders. What to do with the ones that no longer fit? Sell ‘em to the highest bidder and give the money to cancer research — a project she dubbed Cleavage for the CURE. This was in addition to winning Playboy Miss Social (February 2011), being a Playboy South Africa Girl Next Door, and serving as an unofficial ambassador for Patriots Nation.

Plus, she recently took a sudsy bubble bath and sent us the pictures. That settles it — time for an Ashley Alexiss update!

Happy new year! What’s on tap for you in 2013?

I have so many exciting things going on! Lots of travel, new companies, old companies, all that jazz. I am one of 11 American Honeys for American Honey Whiskey. We are girl-next-door type women who can have a great time representing an amazing brand for the 2013 year. We just shot in Austin for the ads and have some VERY exciting things coming this year. I’m also working with Cintron beverage group again this year. They’re a natural energy drink and I’ll be doing promos and such with them. I also am Pink Lipstick Lingerie’s model search winner for 2013 and will be shooting for some of their lingerie line next week! Look for meeee on a box! I’m finishing up school this year with a bachelor’s degree in communications, I’ll then be on to get my masters in marketing. Who says you can’t have beauty and brains?

How did your charity auction go?

Cleavage for the CURE was such a success that I’ve decided to make it a year round campaign! I’ve raised and donated $1800 so far to Susan G. Komen and bra auctions are going extremely well. I’m starting to make some merchandise, starting with silicone bracelets, and working on trade marking and making this an actual thing of my own! I’m also involving other models and such by having a contest every month; the model who wins each month will have a spot in the 2014 Cleavage for the CURE calendar I’m putting together for next year! I’m so excited about this and really proud of it.

You’ve become hugely popular on twitter (@AshAlexiss) — how’d you get so many followers?

I feel that once you hit a mark, you just keep going. I stay very involved with my supporters and always give them something to talk about and it just grows and grows. Plus, being involved in the Playboy family has definitely helped, haha!

Too bad about your Pats, what went wrong and how do you feel about next season?

Aweeeee had to bring up the Pats, you know, we can’t win them all and this year there was just a better team. But as a faithful fan, I believe they’ll learn from it and come back better than ever!

What about Celtics, Bruins or Sox — do you follow those, and if so how do you feel about their chances?

I follow all Boston sports, even though I moved to Philadelphia. I rep Boston everywhere I go! I think the Celtics are really proving themselves especially with the Rondo injury. It’s sad to see something like that happen to a good player. The Sox… Well let’s hope they get their act together, and I’m pretty proud of the Bruins so far this season.

Where will we see you next?

Think billboard big! Yep, Once it’s up and I get the okay to dish the deets, you’ll be the first to know.

Big picture, what are your plans?

I really just want to be successful in entertainment. A role model, someone who represents being happy with who you are, what you look like, and what you do. I feel like I’m meant to be in the spotlight and I don’t mind it one bit. I just want to be inspiring.

Okay, scenario time. Phone rings — it’s Hef. Says will you please be in Playboy, but you must be completely nude. Do you do it?

Absolutely. I used to want to be Playmate, but after all my hard work and dedication to this industry I think I deserve to be featured, Decemeber 2013 celebrity issue. I dream big, what can I say?

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