Art = for Pussies

The Great Wall of Vagina

Ladies don’t just show their hoohas in tube vids. British artist Jamie McCartney has created a monumental wall sculpture all about ladybits. Four hundred women have made their privates public. Check out the spectacle online here.

Pussy Rings

This is not something left behind on a chair, but an object you wear on your hand. Say what? Check out this cheeky little number. A collaboration between Montreal’s Grimes and artist Morgan Black, the jewelry is called “Grimes Pussy Rings.” (Note: Not grimy.)

Pussy Galore

This dame’s a classic double agent and the mistress of double-entendres. The original 007′s Pussy Galore might be our fave Bond girl. We just thought we’d throw in a gratuitous cameo, here. For kicks. Just like that. A pop of retro into your weekend.