Even Without Guns, Armie Flores is Still a Girl of High Caliber

Armie FloresBy “caliber,” of course, I refer to both the size of her gun barrels and the high quality of her character… Two meanings… caliber… it’s a homonym… Forget it.

See, Armie Flores looks good being all tough, with guns and shit, for Actiongirls.com, but as I was pulling together her badass pictures I realized that she is really no less hot when she’s taking pictures of herself in the bathroom mirror. She’s hot when she’s painting in her studio. She’s hot lying on a towel in a bikini. She’s hot with that little old-school digital time-stamp in the bottom corner of the picture.

Her Facebook page is a festival of her massive Filipina cleavage and her neo-cubist paintings. Oh, and there’s a series of “Pinup” doodles which are mostly nude self-portraits. Because if you were Armie you’d paint yourself naked too.

Here’s a selection of highlights—enjoy: