Armie Field’s Presents Will Liven Up Any Birthday Party

Armie of Actiongirls
On the occasion of some dude’s birthday, we present the lavish and non-returnable gifts of Armie.

That dude is Scotty JX, the evil genius behind the site, which we have always admired for its adherence to a simple theme: Girls + Guns = Sexy.

But it’s not your average Girls + Guns site, not some amateur shots that Joe Bob took in his backyard of some not-really model girl toting his Bushmaster 3000 XK-47b. Actiongirls is about the idea of action, which includes guns, tanks, flamethrowers, motorcycles, and various other action-movie props.

It’s about the girls, way more than it is about the guns. It’s a site for girl nuts, not gun nuts. And in fact these days it’s a pretty even split between action involving hot girls who take their clothes off while holding weaponry and action involving hot girls who simply take their clothes off.

This birthday thing is a total coincidence; Scotty’s been slapping up photo sets of the ever-bodacious Armie (sometimes known as Armie Field, a name we like to think we gave her) and we’ve been meaning to show you her latest bra-busting antics. And as we were checking Ye Olde Facebook this morn we noticed it’s Scotty JX’s birthday today. And it’s a big one. Dude is 40. And when a man who puts large breasts on the internets for a living turns 40, there is but one gift. The gift of large breasts.

Happy birthday Scotty, you motorboatin’ son of a bitch. Keep up the good work.

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