April Summers Is Just Too Good on Instagram

April Summers

Something important happened on April 23. A girl named April sent out her first Instagram pictures.

It wasn’t just any April (nor was it April O’Neil, who kicked off the month) — it was April Summers. The amazing April Summers, whom we already told you is “a stunner in every language.” Now she’s stunning on multiple social media platforms! God what a terrible description.

How about this — few girls we know look better than April in a bikini. April Summers is a bikini goddess. And after two weeks on Instagram she’s made it clear: This is all about the bikini. April in bikinis everywhere you look.

Follow/browse/worship bikini-fied April at instagram.com/aprilsummersofficial. But first, peruse this selection of highlights (ok, it’s more than half of what she’s tweeted so far). Get in on the ground floor! And by “ground floor” we mean only 16,000 shrewd Instagrammers are onto her so far. That number is gonna keep going up.

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