Anri Sugihara Puts her Apricots on Facebook #wednesdaywasabi

Anri Sugihara
Our Anri Sugihara post last week did her a real disservice. Sure, it hit the main points — she is hot, and looks good in a bikini — but we came out and said “We know so little about these Japanese ladies we bring you on Wednesdays.”

Turns out we should have consulted this thing called … the internet. Here’s what she says about herself on her Vimeo page:

My name is Anri aka Apricot, I was born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan on June 12th. I live in Tokyo, Japan. … I started modeling in 2003. My hobbies are movie appreciation, traveling, gardening vegetables, calligraphy, chopping, movies, and enjoy pop music.

Anri Sugihara beach towel

“Chopping” probably means “shopping” — and if you too enjoy a bit of chopping you can do so at Anri’s store, where she sells Anri Sugihara sneakers, Anri Sugihara boxer shorts, Anri Sugihara baseball caps, Anri Sugihara bandanas, and a $100 dollar-bill Anri Sugihara beach towel.

She is even on Facebook. So much for not knowing anything about these Japanese girls. Now if only we could read Japanese…

Young Animal from Anri Sugihara on Vimeo.

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