Wednesday Wasabi: Anri Sugihara

We fully admit we’re tourists in this strange land of Japanese sexiness — we know a little something (more than you, we’ll wager) but we wouldn’t say we know a lot. There is still oh so much to learn.

And if nothing else, we enjoy studying. Learning totally rules.

Stay in school, young man. Learn Japanese.

We’ve been bringing you some hot babes from Japan who were notable in some way (although last week’s, Miri Hanai, was just notable for wearing a nurse’s hat, which isn’t really notable). And we thought — who’s really popular right now? What Japanese model or porn star is at the top of her game?

Wikipedia is useful in such things, and sometimes even accurate. We hunted down the JAV Idol page (stands for Japanese Adult Video) and looked for notable AV idols. And there under “Notable AV idols” of the 2010s we found and looked up:

Saori Hara. Eh, not bad.
Azumi Harusaki. Sure, fine.
Hitomi Tanaka. Right, we know about her already — porn star with giant melons. You may Google her if you like.
Anri Sugihara. BINGO!

Anri Sugihara is from Hiroshima Prefecture, wears an 89G bra (don’t ask us what that translates to), is left handed and her blood type is A. (In Japan, they care about blood type, sort of like some westerners care about astrology.) Oh, and she’s a gravure idol, not a porn star. That means she doesn’t get naked in pictures or do the wild thing in movies. She keeps it clean — she’s the kind of girl you could bring home to the folks. Although you know your dad would be totally checking her out and might flash you a creepy thumbs-up when nobody’s looking.