Anri Sugihara Bodacious Bikini Blowout! #wednesdaywasabi

Anri Sugihara
Act fast — this sexy Japanese model in tiny swimwsuits won’t last! Limited time only! When June is over, these hot deals on Anri Sugihara will go bye-bye. Sayonara!

Well, not really — of course you can just go into the TSJ archive and look up Anri Sugihara anytime you want. But we do feel a little bit like we’re advertising a special deal because Anri has been our Wednesday Wasabi for all of June and June is just about done. This is the last Wednesday in June which means we won’t be bringing you any more Anri Sugihara for a good while. We will at least give her a rest for July and bring her back no earlier than August.

(It is up to you to decide how Anri stacks up against her also hugely popular predecessor, Mai Nishida.)

Just look at her — delicious, like that fried green tea ice cream they bring you at Japanese restaurants, isn’t she? And we are sitting on so many boobtastic Anri pictures that we could bring you one every weekday for for the next, oh, 14 years. Not kidding. Sometimes we pull numbers out of our ass to be funny, but in this case it is true. We have over 3500 pictures of this girl and every one is awesome.

Still, if she has to go away for a little while we might as well see her off in a Bodacious Bikini Blowout! We don’t imagine you will have any problem with this.