Would You Buy Ice Cream from This Woman?

Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich is a Russian former ice dancer whose looks and figure won her more attention in retirement than her ice capades did in her athletic heyday. In that respect she’s sort of like the Anna Kournikova of the ice, except that Semenovich is up several cup sizes and professional victories on Kournikova. Semenovich went on to become a singer, actress, and — of course — a model, and though all of Russia clamored for her to bare her famous babushkas, she bravely refused. This was a professional ice dancer, dammit — not some jiggly slice of no-talent cheesecake. Nope, she never posed nude, insisting always upon skimpy lingerie or a tiny bikini. (She’s only 30, comrades, there’s still time.) Here she is, ice dancer turned spokesmodel for sweet treats made of–you guessed it, ice. (Thanks to HiBoobs for these clips.)

(You can also see Anna Semenovich in a film called Hitler Kaput, which has been posted to Google Video in its entirety. We mention it because it reportedly includes the brilliant line “Your boobs are bigger than Poland!”)