Anna Hutchison: Crushing on PlayboyDotCom’s “Femme on Fire”

Anna Hutchison: Crushing on PlayboyDotCom's "Femme on Fire"

You saw Anna Hutchison make out with a wolf in Josh Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods like no bombshell ever made out with a wolf ever in horror movie history. Girl just went for it. And it was weird, but interesting weird. You were like, ‘Girl has balls.’

Anna Hutchison’s from New Zealand, yo. Of course she’s got balls.

THE ULTIMATE IN HUMAN/WOLF MAKEOUTS interviewed the lovely actress a while back, and we’re showcasing some of that interview here, as well as a gallery of some muy attractive pics of her.

Because TSJ is generous like that.

* What was your favorite horror film growing up?

Hutchison: I didn’t ever really like horror films, I was way too scared, but I would always try to keep up with the older kids so I’d kind of be sitting there “watching it” with my eyes closed and would scream when everyone else would scream even though I had no idea what I was screaming at.

When we were filming Cabin in the Woods Joss and Drew told us to watch all of these films, so we were watching all kinds of horror films in the hotel we were staying at. One night we watchedThe Shining, which was not a good idea. I was waiting for two twins or a little dude on a bike on my way to my room; it was freaky. I was going to ask: when you’re shooting a horror movie, do you scare easily even if you’re on camera? I’d imagine you have to get worked up enough for it to look believable.

Hutchison: I scare easily anyway, if I’m on a bus and someone sneezes I’ll get startled, so I’m not a very good gauge of what’s frightening or not. But when we were on set it was freaky as! The lunch table, some of the monsters would be there, so you’d turn around to get another helping of potatoes and you would see this huge zombie or something out of the corner of your eye and you’d just tense up. You were always on your toes on our set.

“CABIN IN THE WOODS” TRAILER What was it like working with Joss Whedon?

Hutchison: Oh my god, how lucky am I?! That dude is so giving and generous with his time. He’s just really funny and smart… basically all of the compliments in the world in one man. And Drew had all of them too, so we were so lucky to be able to work with them so closely. Drew’s energy was massive. It was his third time directing, and he was just wonderfully out of control. It was a really delightful atmosphere to work in.