And the Emmys Go To

Christina Hendricks

Hooray for Teeveeland! The Emmy Awards were held last night, and you know what that means—a whole lotta red carpet finery that you do not really care about. Yes, various famous ladies looked pretty in their lovely gowns, while other famous ladies wore gowns that weren’t so lovely and maybe didn’t even look all that pretty. Claire Danes was darling in her thing by Pecorina Romano. Yes, Claire Danes is still alive (and she won, too). Feh! Who has time for this crap? The question is, who looked really, really hot? That is the question. We’re still picking through the evidence but we can tell you that Christina Hendricks brought the girls to the big shindig, putting all the competition at a disadvantage. Who needs a winged statuette when you have golden (actually, pearly) globes like these?

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