Yoga Time With Amy Lynn Grover, World’s Hottest Instructor

Amy Lynn GroverReaders went a little nuts last time Amy Lynn Grover was on The Smoking Jacket, so imagine our delight when she shared this new yoga video with us.

It’s like having Amy Lynn as your personal yoga instructor, except she doesn’t tell you what the moves are. Which is fine, because you’re not doing them anyway.

Nope, just watch this video and think your way to flexibility and fitness. It’ll probably work.

Amy Lynn, as you may remember, is a former Playboy model, having proudly posed for Playboy’s Book of Lingerie, Nudes, Girls With Girls, Sexy 100 — all that good stuff. Here are some of her recent shots along with more sexy yogaliciousness taken from her website, (Some photos below by Kelly Fajack.)