What’s Your Pleasure, Amanda Seyfried or Ashley Greene?

seyfried greene mainDamn, we’re good.

A year ago at this time, in this column (which lived on a different site), we were extolling the virtues of Ashley Greene, who had just shot some super-sexy photos for SoBe drinks. Tropical setting, lizard skin bodypaint, wet-look hairdo, sand-flecked naughtiness — dynamite stuff. Looking back on 2010, we have to admit these pictures were the hottest advertising of the year, and it came out January 7.

Around that time, news broke that Amanda Seyfried would be playing a Parisian call girl in the film Chloe; she got naked in the film (she even got naked in the trailer!) and there was much rejoicing. No news on whether Chloe had webbed feet—when the movie trailer shows boobs, we don’t much notice the feet.

And in the end we couldn’t pick a favorite. We had to admit that either Ashley Greene or Amanda Seyfried was the hottest starlet in the business. Or perhaps they are tied at #1. Now a year later, we look around and the story is much the same. Amanda Seyfried is coming back to us next weekend with the season premiere of Big Love. And Ashley Greene has been picked by FHM Spain as one of the “Cinco Fantastico,” which means awesome.

We’re still ruling this one a tie. What say you—who’s hotter, Amanda Seyfried or Ashley Greene?