Alyssa Campanella is Miss USA, COED Rejoices

Alyssa CampanellaCongratulations to Alyssa Campanella, ginger of California, for winning the Miss USA Pageant last night.

Congratulations, also to COED, for calling that shit all along. Back in December COED had her listed in its 2010 “Women Who Wowed,” and then a week later mused, “Is Alyssa Campanella The World’s Sexiest Ginger?”

Hold on, World’s Sexiest Ginger? That sounds almost like a challenge. She’s sexy, but is she sexiest? After all, as a pageant girl she has to keep it kind of clean. We shall have to think on that one.

Still, it was a good pick, and if you like these highlights of COED’s galleries, you chould also check out the one they just posted today: Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella’s 125 Sexiest Facebook .