Alysha Nett Might Just Blow Your Gaskets

Alysha Nett

A tattooed alt-girl wearing Daisy Dukes and cavorting with a muscle car — ain’t that America?

But here’s something we learned — cars aren’t our specialty, so correct us with passionate politeness if we get this wrong. We’re told by photographer Kaloopy that this is a 1964 Chevy Nova that model Alysha Nett is working her magic on. And we did a little research and found that the ’64 model was not actually a muscle car. Chevrolet made a muscle car that year — it was the Chevelle, which was introduced to compete with the Ford Fairlane. The Nova became a muscle car the following year — 1965 — and then the whole “what’s the coolest Chevy?” question became moot with the introduction in 1967 of the Bitchin’ Camaro.

Wow! There is so much to know about classic cars, and some people can go on about them for days. We are not some people. We are more likely to go on about Alysha Nett for days, although we’ve done that before — see “Alysha Nett was Born Sexy”.

Alysha is back on TSJ, a cause for celebration. Perhaps you would be interested in a commemorative T-shirt? Note: Alysha not included with purchase of T-shirt. We’re pretty sure. That would be a hell of a bonus though.

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