Alison Brie Is the Hottest Woman on TV. Wait, Is She?

Alison BrieAlison Brie — sexiest woman on TV?

A couple of magazines would probably like for you to think that — say, Wired, which put the Mad Men/Community actress on the March issue, and Esquire, who didn’t give her the cover but did some very nice pictures for her as one of their “Women We Love” that have been passed all over the Internet by TV fans.

But the hottest women on TV? We’re going to have to think that over. She has a lot of competition.

Is Alison Brie the hottest woman on Mad Men? She certainly isn’t framed that way on the show. She has to struggle for third place behind Christina Hendricks and Jessica Pare.

Is Alison Brie the hottest woman on Community? Gillian Jacobs fans would argue she isn’t.

If she escaped her own dramatic series, would she be the hottest woman on a TV drama? Tough call. We might put Emmy Rossum from Shameless up against her, and fans of shows like Game of Thrones and other things we can’t quite get into would have their own nominees.

If she escaped her own comedy series, would she be the hottest woman on a comedy show? That’s a big category — and Sofia Vergara of Modern Family is hard to beat. And Kat Dennings jammed into her waitress outfit on 2 Broke Girls — yowza.

Surely all TV watchers have their own crushes that Alison would have to contend with. And yet, this handful of pictures from Wired and Esquire reveals a kind of stealth hotness you might not have detected before. And perhaps TV aficionados can sneer at Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks and say “Oh, they’re fine if all you care about is tits and ass.” They can proclaim their love for Alison while patting themselves on the back for their own good taste. They’ll say “Alison Brie is the thinking man‘s TV sex symbol,” or something like that.

Whatever. Let’s not act like Alison Brie doesn’t want you to look at her tits and ass too. Her Esquire shoot, if it didn’t have the dignified “Woman We Love” designation, might have been called “Look at My Tits and Ass.”

It is difficult to say whether Alison Brie is the hottest woman on TV, but that is simply because there are a lot of hot women on TV. She is certainly hot (who remembers Hot Sluts?), and will keep getting hotter we think, and she is definitely on TV — twice as many times each week as all these others, as a matter of fact.

We look forward to studying this issue further and sharing our findings.

And then there’s this. :

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