No Kidding: Alexa Vega of ”Spy Kids” Wields Cleavage and Uzi

Alexa Vega

We’ve seen some pretty miraculous transformations from pre-pubescent awkward-duckings to beautiful twentysomething swans — Lacey Chabert and Kesia Knight Pulliam come to mind. But this one is one of the greatest we’ve ever witnessed. Here’s Alexa Vega 11 years ago, in Spy Kids:

And here she is now, from the set of Machete Kills:

Alexa Vega

It just… it just doesn’t seem possible. It doesn’t even look like the same girl! It is, though, the same director — Robert Rodriguez. What has he been feeding her?

Here are another couple dozen from Alexa’s Instagram feed (@vegaalexa), not all of them are quite as boobtastic as the one above but there is no arguing that this girl has a bright future.