Tuesday Totty: Ginger Attack

Alex Sim-WiseIf you ever peruse Frontarmy.com — which you should, because it’s wicked awesome — you might notice something interesting in the “Girl Profiles” section.

Three redheads! Out of 15 girls! That’s something like 20% of them, which is abnormally high. Redheads make up approximately 1-2% of the world population.

(Yes, we know that redheads make up approximately 0% of the population in Asia and Africa. Even so, 20% is high.)

As we’ve been sussing out in some previous posts, gingers are today’s coolness. Red is the new black, sort of.

These Front-approved ginger British ladies are Alex Sim-Wise, Charlotte Herbert, and Jessica Weekley. (Thanks also to FuckYeahJessicaWeekley, DJ Shwann and Charlotte aka Chad herself.)